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Welcome to the Student Area!

No matter if you are SoC design noob making your first steps into the world of SoCs  or an experienced postgraduate student planning to make a tape-out, this is the place to find guidance for your first designs, ask questions and exchange information with other students working in the same field.

The Student Area is organised as follows:

  • SoC Noobs - A guide for your first steps in SoC design
  • Student Journeys - What I wish new when I started
  • Discussion board - Ask questions and express ideas

One of the key aims for SoC Labs is to create collaborations between students and researchers across the world and to find innovative ways to increase the sharing of experience, knowledge and design re-use to allow the community to come together to delivery improved research. 

There is a growing interest in community centric hardware design, especially for parts of the generic SoC infrastructure that are needed to support your own research activty but are not the core research activity. By being part of the SoC Labs community you will hopefully be better able to solve problems and learn faster compared to just working within your own institution. We hope you will benefit from not only the wealth of Arm IP made available but also the shared resources and verification efforts of the SoC Labs community,

We encourage students to sign up to SoC Labs and to register their interest in this 'Student Area' of interest.


Projects Using This Interest

Introduction to SoC Design - Course sign up

Experts and Interested People


Research Area
Design time power estimation using ML
Research staff
Research Area
Enhancing Fault Tolerance of RISC Embedded Processors Using Spiking Neural Networks
PhD Student
Research Area
Educational technology
Head Tech
Research Area
Machine Learning on Resource-Constrained Embedded Systems
PhD Student


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