A System on Chip (SoC) usually has many functional blocks to deal with communication either on chip or the the external environment. For on chip communication the Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture is a common bus architecture. For more complex many core devices Network On Chip (NoC) protocols are adopted for communication between various components. For off chip communication there are a broad variety of serial and parallel protocols and connection methods using a variety of media such as wireless, wired and optical which are suited to the specific SoC application.


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Wireless power transfer, energy harvesting, amplifier, filters, antennas
Senior Lecturer
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VLSI Digital Circuit Design
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Microwaves, Antennas, RFID/RFIC, Packaging
UK IC Research Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer


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Is it worth splitting with the communication page into three sections; one on on-chip communications, one on Wired off-chip communications and one of Wireless off-chip communications? 

Would it also be worth adding additional communication methods such as USB, SPI, JTAG and UART?

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