CoreLink NIC-450

The CoreLink NIC-450 provides additional Arm blocks to extend the NIC-400 capabilities:

QoS-400 Network Interconnect Advanced Quality of Service provides regulation of read and write request to manage traffic for specific latency applications.

QVN-400 Network Interconnect Advanced QoS for Virtual Networks provides buffer space for virtual channels in the interconnect and the Dynamic Memory Controller (DMC) in the SoC to avoid blocking  between different data flows.

TLX-400 Network Interconnect Thin Links reduces the number of signals in an AXI point-to-point connection allowing routing over a longer distance.

AXI4 to AHB-Lite XHB-400 Bridge supports conversion of the AXI4 transactions to AHB-Lite protocol using an AXI4 slave interface and an AHB-Lite master interface to drive AHB-Lite subsystems.

ADB-400 AMBA Domain Bridge can form an asynchronous bridge between two components either as a Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) bridge with slave and master domains in different voltage domains or a clock bridge in the same voltage domain.

LPD-500 Low Power Distributor is a controller that distributes Q-Channel to manage components of the SoC that allow the clock/power to be removed to save power.

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