PCK-600 Power Control Kit

PCK-600 Power Control Kit block diagram
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A SoC requires multiple clock and power domains to be efficient. PCK-600 provides components to allow power control infrastructure to be distributed in a SoC in accordance with the Arm Power Control System Architecture using Q-Channel and P-Channel low power interfaces.

Clock Controllers (CLK-CTRL) provides High-level Clock Gating (HCG) for a single clock domain. Power Policy Units (PPU) provide configurable and programmable P-Channel and Q-Channel for power domain control.

The PPUs are controlled by a Power Control State Machine (PCSM) a simple state machine specific to SoC power management strategy.

 The Q-Channel distributor (LPD-Q) provides 1:N fan-out from a controller to controlled components. The P-Channel distributor (LPD-P) provides 1:N fan-out from a controller to controlled components for power modes. The Q-Channel combiner provides N:1 fan-in from controllers to a component for control of power/voltage domain bridges. P-to-Q converter (P2Q) provides protocol conversion.

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