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The Academic community for Arm based System on Chip

As a global academic community we share hardware and software developments around the Arm ecosystem to help deliver better research innovation and improved skills among the Research Hardware Engineering community.

SoC Labs helps academic researchers innovate in System On Chip development and deployments using Arm based computing architectures. It benefits from:

Arm Academic Access program that allows academic researchers free use of extensive Arm IP

Support form Semiconductor Education Alliance partners and other industry organisations.

A strong academic community providing mutual support to each other

Here at SoC Labs we hope you will find help and support with Arm IP but also information of developments from fellow academics and researchers and of course like minded people who want to share with you.

We look forward to collaborating with you.


SoC Design Contest 2024/25: Understanding Our World
Following on from our successful “Bridging the Skills Gap” contest in 2023 we are pleased to announce the “Understanding Our World” SoC design contest for 2024/25.

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