Cortex-A Series

The Arm Cortex-A series is a class of application processors that implement a Virtual Memory System Architecture (VMSA) that enable Operating Systems such as Linux to support the operation of multiple software applications.

The specific processor may support multiple levels of execution, separating applications usually running unprivileged and operating system functions running in privileged modes allowing the protection of the system from malfunctioning applications. The operating system manages the allocation of system resources.

The series of processors conforms to one of the specific Arm architectures either Armv7-A and Armv8-A (later architectures are not part of the Arm Academic Access program).

Projects Using This Technology

Competition 2024
Competition: Hardware Implementation

Battery Management System-on-chip (BMSoC) for large scale battery energy storage

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energy-efficient computing
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Hardware Acceleration
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unconventional computing, bio-inspired fault-tolerance, design optimisation, neuromorphic hardware
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Is it worth having a table to breakdown the differences/usecases between each cores?

I think specifying which cores are actually being used in current multi-accelerator SoC's would also be a good thing to share so we reduce the type of cores being developed for at one time.

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