Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) relies on near-field electromagnetic coupling to securely transmit information wirelessly between compatible devices. NFC is widely used in authentication with NFC hardware becoming part of most smartphones.

NFC emerged as a sub-class of RFID, now operating at 13.56 MHz, with additional security features. Owing to its non-radiative nature, NFC can be used safely in body-centric applications, at higher power levels and with lower losses than higher frequency RF data transmission approaches. NFC can also be used to provide power to battery-free RF "energy harvesting" low-power receivers such as embedded microcontrollers and sensors.

Projects Using This Technology


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As with the bluetooth, do we want to find some example NFC designs or IP that we can put on this page?

I have previously used NFC Chips which are communicated with Arm-based SoC's via SPI and I can go and find out what chips I used. Would this be helpful?

Should the NFC page be a subsection of the RFID page as NFC is just a subset of RFID?


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