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All content on the SoC Labs portal is moderated. This is to ensure the content is useful to the community.

Once signed up, you can make suggested changed to material on the portal, create new material, etc. Your suggested changes will be put forward to moderators who will check the changes and publish them for all to share.

As we have described in about we are not looking to be prescriptive but to supportive and empowering of the academic community to achieve their many varied research goals. Being community driven is important and our aim is that the community will be lead by people based on the merits of their contributions. The more people contribute and have others value their contribution the more they can shape how SoC Labs develops. Moderation of specific areas of the portal will be delegated such that they become truly driven by the community of interest. For example, in this Interests area you will find the student area, an area which is moderated by the student community.

We also have the concept of an organisation moderator, part of the role of an organisation moderator is to ensure that appropriate requests for new members to join their organisation are accurate so have the right to accept/reject membership requests.


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One initial feedback from the community on the site is that there is some difference in terms of being an author for an Article and being an author of something in the subject tree areas such as Technology, Interests and Design Flows.

Items in subject trees such as Technology, Interests and Design Flows are considered to be shared by the community currently. Once you have created it, you can't delete it yourself. Why? they ask. Let us take the example of a Project, if people have declared an interest in the project then why should the person who started it be allowed to take what has become a community interest away? As long as the community wants to take it forward then that is fine.

Articles are currently not considered shared and usually have some timeliness criteria so can be currently be deleted.

If an author wants something deleted they can prepare a revision and submit for moderation, they can request moderation to delete the item completely. 

I hope this helps.

When editing a page you may notice a "Compare Revisions" tab. This tab lets you see the history of the page. This is helpful when you are collaborating with co-authors as it allows you to compare their changes to your latest draft and see what has been updated.


When editing a page you may note the "Revision log message" option at the bottom of the page. This allows you to leave a note on what changes you've made, or to make a request to your fellow co-authors or moderators. Revision log messages left by your co-authors and moderators can be viewed in the "Compare Revisions" tab.


When you are happy with a draft and move it to the editorial state, it will go to the moderators. The moderator will then decide to either publish the revision or send it back to your drafts with feedback. These are marked as "Moderator Actions". Like normal revisions, you can view, compare changes and review revision log messages for moderator actions on the "Compare Revisions" tab.

If "Content Moderation Action" email notifications are enabled on your profile, you will be emailed when a moderator action occurs for content you are the author or co-author of.

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